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18-6 Training on Vacation


I have been training with my wife while on vacation this year. We have been able to train together at various points and I always enjoy the experience. During my regular training our schedules don’t match up and so more often than not we are trading off the gym to each other, rather than using it at the same time. We push each other pretty hard and she is a solid spotter which allows me to force out reps that I wouldn’t be able to force out if I was on my own.

Our workouts on vacation are designed to work the entire body, focus primarily on multi-muscular lifts and follow a circuit training style approach to the series of lifts so that we can get our heart rates up and give the experience an element of conditioning. While these workouts are one of the best things we can do to maintain our fitness and not fall too far backwards while we’re enjoying vacation (and not having our workouts get in the way of some well-earned family vacation time), they are not going to be as effective as our regular routines.

Where vacations can cause me to loose ground physically in my pursuit of the 2020 CrossFit Games, they are important in terms of my mental preparedness. Stepping away from the training regime and enjoying family, friends and new experiences helps me to reset my mental game in terms of my training regime so that when I return to the daily, weekly, monthly grind that the workouts can become, I am better prepared to deliver the intensity that it will take to reach the intermediate goals I have set.

In the end, the vacation time makes the training more worthwhile, not less worthwhile, and so if it means I have to regain some strength or conditioning that I lost over our vacation, the price seems pretty small to pay.


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