November 1, 2018 Training


Thursday workout – Clean Drills!

10:00 AM WORKOUT (90 minutes) – Back Squat

  • This was a clean from the clean and jerk workout day. It was all technique driven and so I performed a ton of second pull drills with a barbell, designed to develop the appropriate technique. The timing of the “jump” and the “pull” is critical to getting the bar as high as possible and in getting the body pulled under the bar. I did sets of three swings with the bar hitting my thigh and then pulling on the third bump, followed by a clean from the knees and a front squat.


  • Hand stand push ups; 5, 5, 6
  • Toes to bar; 20, 15, 10
  • Note: Worked on technique for the hand stand pushups. Still have a ways to go in order to develop my technique on these. Not able to perform kipping hand stand push-ups yet – Ugh!

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