November 2, 2018 Training


Friday workout – Clean and Jerk Drills!

6:00 AM WORKOUT (45 minutes) – Back Squat

  • Worked on clean and jerk, performing three bumps against my thigh, cleaning the weight on the third bump, then performed a clean from the knees, then performed a clean from the floor. These were technique drills and so did not go up in weights or try any heavy weights. Very tiring and need to wrap my thumbs.


  • 11:00 AM WORKOUT (70 minutes)- Technique
  • Push-Press¬†– 6@95lbs, 2@135lbs, 2@145lbs, 2@155lbs, 2@165lbs, 0@175lbs, 1@175lbs
  • Dumbbell Bench Press – 6@60lbs, 4@75lbs, 6@90lbs, 4@102lbs, 4@102lbs
  • Butterfly Chin-ups – 16, 15, 15
  • Dumbell Curls – 10@40lbs, 8@45lbs, 8@50lbs
  • Note: Pushed for an upper body workout – performed in a circuit style. Knowing I am going to Palm Springs next week and so will be performing this type of workout while on “vacation”, I wanted to focus on it a few times before I leave.


  • Sit-ups – 50

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