November 5, 2018 Training


Monday workout – Back squat!

6:00 AM WORKOUT (60 minutes) – Back Squat

  • Warmup; 6@135lbs, 3@185lbs, 2@225lbs
  • Lifts; 2@255lbs, 2@265lbs, 2@275lbs, 1@285lbs
  • Note: approximately 2 minutes between sets. I had good depth and felt strong during all of the lifts through 275lbs. 285lbs felt heavy and while my depth had been really good and the lifts were all well controlled, it felt heavy and so I opted not to push beyond that weight.
  • Lunges – 4 rounds 115 feet.
  • Clean drill – 3 bumps on the thigh, cleaning on the third repetition.


  • 11:00 AM WORKOUT (60 minutes)- Technique
  • Good Mornings – 10@45lbs, 10@95lbs, 8@135lbs, 8@135lbs, 8@135lbs
  • Pulls – 6@135lbs, 6@135lbs, 6@135lbs, 6@185lbs, 6@185lbs, 4@185lbs, 4@185lbs, 4@185lbs, 4@185lbs.
  • Shrugs – 8@135lbs, 8@185lbs, 6@225lbs, 5@255lbs, 6@275lbs, 5@295lbs
  • Low Pulls – 12@82lbs, 12@107lbs, 10@132lbs, 8@132lbs
  • Double Unders – 4 sets of 50
  • Note: The focus here was on strengthening my back for purposes of my cleans. I need more pulling strength to get the weight off the floor and high enough for me to catch in the front stance.

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