October 29, 2018 Training


Monday workout – Front squat!

6:00 AM WORKOUT (50 minutes) – Front Squat

  • Warmup; 6@95lbs, 4@135lbs
  • Lifts; 2@185lbs, 2@215lbs, 2@225lbs, 1@235lbs, 1@245lbs
  • Note: approximately 2 minutes between sets. I tried to push up my doubles and go from 215 to 235 but was not able to make a second rep at 235lbs. Performed a solid deep squat at 245lbs but had to push it out and so decided against pushing myself to repeat my PR @ 255lbs. The depth of all of my reps was good and I was solid on my lifts but it was a good amount of work to complete some of the reps.
  • Worked on jerk presses. These were new to me as I have never done a jerk press before. My focus was on dipping under the bar after the drive with my legs and hips. The idea being that there should be no involvement of the deltoids because the weights will be more than the deltoids can handle. As an example, I can push press 175 lbs, which is the same movement as the jerk press except that you don’t get to re-bend the knees. The jerk press allows for heavier weights than the push press and so in theory I should be able to jerk press 200+lbs. Since this is well more than I can push press if I tried to use my deltoids at these heavier weights, they would not be able to lift the weight and I would miss the lift. Hence, the movement needs to be legs and dropping below the bar and locking the arms so the weight is born by the back and the legs. I kept the weights light and focused on form and quickly dropping under the bar and getting a solid lock-out. I will work on this more over the next few weeks before I start loading the bar.

11:00 AM WORKOUT (50 minutes)- Technique

  • WOD –  AMRAP 16 minutes – 104 reps
    • Devil Press – 35lb dumbbells
    • Alternating box step overs – 35lb dumbbells
    • 2,4,6,8,etc.,
    • Notes: WOD is to perform as many reps as possible in 16 minutes. The devil press is a burpee with one dumbbell in each hand. Lowering them to the floor, doing a burpee while keeping your hands on the dumbbells and then standing and pressing the dumbbells directly overhead from below your waste, locking the dumbbells out without a stop/hesitation in between. Then, holding onto the dumbbells and performing a box step over, alternating the leg that is used to lead the step up. You increase the reps by 2 each round. This was the first time I performed either of these movements and so there was a learning curve for each of the movements. On the devil press, it’s important to treat the dumbbells like kettlebells and swing them into the overhead position, rather than trying to dumbbell snatch them into the overhead position. This helps to reduce the involvement of the deltoid and so avoid burning out the deltoid muscles prematurely. On the box step overs, it is important to not engage the deltoids as you step up or down. There is a natural inclination to shrug the shoulders and lift the dumbbells during the stepping and this further fatigues the deltoid muscles. It is better to allow the dumbbells to hang “loose” from the shoulders so that the skeletal structure bears the weight and not the deltoids. I am hoping to increase the reps by about 20 or more the next time I perform the WOD. This was a qualifier WOD for WODapoluza’s on-line qualifier.
  • Worked on double unders and increasing my reps without a fail/miss. Did multiple rounds and improved my consistency. Need to continue to perform these so that I can more readily crank out sets of 50. My conditioning on these is improving as I can miss and fire back up without needing to rest as much as I previously had to. More to come.

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