October 30, 2018 Training


Monday workout – Front squat!

6:00 AM WORKOUT (50 minutes) – Back Squat

  • Warmup; 6@135lbs, 3@185lbs, 2@225lbs
  • Lifts; 2@255lbs, 2@265lbs, 2@275lbs, 1@285lbs, 0@305lbs. 1@295lbs
  • Note: approximately 2 minutes between sets. I had good depth and felt strong during all of the lifts through 185lbs. I jumped to 305lbs to see if I could progress to 315lbs but I failed at 305lbs. My depth up to this point had been really good and the lifts were all well controlled. Jumping to 305lbs and going to the full depth was too big of a jump and at that stage of the set surprised me as to how heavy it felt. Better to stick with my normal progression so that I can feel the heavier weight before hitting the heaviest weight – live and learn.
  • Worked on overhead presses to drill my bar-over-head form and how best to hold the bar with my skeletal structure rather than my muscles alone. The idea remains that there should be no involvement of the deltoids because the weights will be more than the deltoids can handle. The key points of focus are 1) pull the scapula together in my back and 2) push the shoulders up towards to ears. This should have the effect of turning the inside of the elbows forward and creating a much more solid foundation. For more on this see Oleksiy Torokhtiy vides ( he is an Olympic champion weightlifter and has some great insights into how to properly lift weights.


  • 11:00 AM WORKOUT (50 minutes)- Technique
  • 3 mile run on Assault Air-runner – 38:56 time.
  • Note: This was the first time I ran a full 3 miles as part of my second workout of the day and so I purposefully chose a lighter pace. The first mile was working out the muscle tightness and so I felt it mostly in my calfs. The second mile was easy and I was neither sore nor was I having any challenges with my breath. The final mile I began to feel some muscle fatigue set in, primarily in my hamstrings and glutes (which is good) but heart rate was solid, breathing was easy. At the end my legs were tired but my breath was good and heart rate was good.


  • Deficit push ups; 10, 10, 10, 10
  • Deficit tricep dips; 10, 10, 10, 10
  • Note: Did dips directly after the pushups and so was a tricep focused effort. The push ups were performed using the parallel bars for my hands and a bench for my feet, lowering my body below parallel. The dips were done using the same equipment. This allowed me to lower myself below parallel on all reps and then back up to lock-out.

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